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Forni Ceky


Forni Ceky S.r.l. is a manufacturer of professional wood fired pizza ovens, handcrafted for pizzerias in refractory bricks. The company was founded in the 1930s by Francesco Metelli and have thousands of satisfied clients worldwide.

Each oven is constructed entirely by hand by Italian mastercraftsmen. The carefully selected materials used to build Forni Ceky ovens provide unbeatable heat retention properties. The dome is entirely constructed in whole refractory bricks, furnace baked with a high Alumina content, and immersed in a refractory cement casting. The Alumina ensures the bricks are resistant up to temperatures of 1200°C and it's properties double the lifespan of the bricks. This precise and proven manufacturing method gaurantees superior heat retention and longevity compared with cheaper ovens manufactured using poured concrete moulds.

The baking surface consists of 6cm thick refractory bricks which absorb and retain a sufficient amount of heat to cook pizzas continuously and satisfy the production demands of any pizzeria.

Forni Ceky wood fired pizza ovens have seven layers of insulation to keep a high temperature including ceramic fibre, high density cellular concrete and expanded clay. This ensures energy efficiency by keeping all the heat inside the oven and ensures the outside of the oven is cool to touch.

There are a wide range of dimensions and shapes available and a wide range of coverings to select from. As the ovens are constructed entirely by hand each oven is unique and offers an opportuntiy for a highly personalised oven for your restuarant.

Although designed for wood burning, the insertion of a gas burner allows the oven to function with gas or in a combined gas/wood mode. Each oven sits on a framework constructed in iron to facillitate installation and manouverability.

Constructing the dome and baking surface from refractory bricks and using effective insualtion ensure Forni Ceky ovens consumption of wood or gas is reduced to a minimum and results in significant savings in daily operational costs compared with concrete ovens.

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Forni Ceky Wood Fired Pizza Ovens - Shapes and Sizes

Modello Quadrato Modello Rotondo Modello Pentagonale Modello Granvolta Modello Sfera
Forni Ceky
Forni Ceky

Gas Burner?

Fitting a gas burner to your Forni Ceky pizza oven offers a clean, cost-effective, and safe power supply system whilst maintaining the same quality as a traditional wood based pizza.

The benefits of fitting a gas burner include no more wood managing or storage costs, damp, dust, dirt, and wood related logistics no longer apply. There will no longer be soot dirtying and blackening your work environment and chimney. Temperature is achieved and maintained more easily and in a shorter time. Fuel consumption is lowered as is fuel cost. Without wood there is more space in your oven to cook pizza.

Gas Burner Gas Burner


Each Forni Ceky oven is bespoke. Handmade by craftsmen with firebricks. All ovens are encased in black metal ready for decoration. A wide range of coverings are available to harmonise your oven with your current restaurant style or to make your oven stand out and be gazed upon. Chose from yellow or red handmade bricks, 10cm x 10cm tiles, gold, copper, or silver leaf, glass mosaic in many colours, marble, or painted brick in many colours.

Decoration Decoration Decoration

Delivery and Assembly?

On Site Assembly - For each model the dome, floor, metal components along with insulating materials can be shipped and delivered split into smaller elements. This allows easy on site assembly and easy site access. Forni Ceky technicians will build the oven directly on site.

Preassembled Ovens - Forni Ceky ovens can be shipped already built and assembled along with the metal stand and external covering of your choice. The oven does require a sufficient door width to enter site.

Rotating Wood Fired and Gas Fired Pizza Ovens

Forni Ceky are the only manufacturer in the world who produce rotating pizza ovens built completely in firebrick.

There are two shapes available, il Tuttotondo and la Cupola. Each is available with a deck diameter of 100cm or 140cm and each is available as a wood oven, a gas oven, or a gas/wood combination oven.

Rotating Wood Fired Oven

Rotating Wood Fired Oven

The Baking
Easier and more uniform than ever thanks to the rotating cooking deck. Rotating deck ovens have revolutionized pizzaiolo’s work. With this new technology the whole baking process is automated and managed by the oven itself. Heat is perfectly distributed inside the oven because of the convective action of the rotating deck. This means the pizzaiolo no longer needs to manually rotate pizzas and can instead focus on preparing and topping the pizza.

The Heat
Temperature is key. Maintaining a uniform temperature with maximum efficiency was the goal when Forni Ceky began engineering their rotaing pizza ovens. Brick is used to build both dome and deck and together with the gas burner grant a superior heat distribution. In addition, Forni Ceky rotating wood ovens feature a smart electric resistance below the rotating deck. This enables uninterrupted work for longer, without increasing managing costs. The control panel synchronizes all variables related to temperature and rotation, making it incredibly simple to setup and manage every cooking detail.

The Firebricks
Uniform temperature and optimized performance - Firebrick is an extraordinary material, capable of perfectly retaining heat and gradually releasing it at a steady pace. The oven will give you the same baking performance from the first to the last batch. The thickness and structure of this material are the main sources of the oven’s performance. Manufacturing with firebricks requires specialised knowledge. This is the Ceky Philosphy, focusing on top product performance and quality.

The Control
Baking management must be controlled by a powerful ally, one that can match the experience of a trained pizzaiolo. That’s why Forni Ceky created “Giravolta”, a powerful interface that will help you to setup and manage every aspect of the oven. Temperatures, timers, rotation speeds, power and height of the flames can be recorded in fast-access programs, completely customizable according to every baking need. Giravolta will be just at your fingertips.

Rotating Spec

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Forni Ceky Customers

Forni Ceky export all over the world from their headquarters in Brescia, Italy. Pizza Equipment Ltd are proud to be the UK agent for Forni Ceky. Prices are on application.